The USA Party of Families is a grassroots action to elect men and women of good character to the public offices of America.

Candidates which run on this ticket will not accept campaign contributions and thus, if elected, our candidates will be able to vote what is best for America and not determine their vote on who they must repay with political favors.  

This concept is not new. America was started this way.  Merchants, doctors, farmers, business men and women volunteered their time because of their love of country.  This same love of country must motivate us, Americans, to once again serve America without expecting something in return.  Fathers and mothers, the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed, joined the Armed Forces to protect America, the land of the free.  There was no expectation of monetary gain in their actions.  Love of country and family motivated their actions.

Congress used to be concerned about the moral direction of this country.  No more is that the case, rather, all that is discussed is decisions concerning money.

Where is American's priorities?

To run on this ticket, 50 families must nominate you.  Their nomination and their name must be written and will become public.  These are families that believe you are a person who will do well in serving America and they are willing to let people know that they stand with you.

We will have a unique video communication tool you can use on this website which will allow you to tell your story, why you should be elected, what your beliefs are, and how you will help serve America and it's people it specific ways.  This tool combines video, PowerPoint, and the ability to poll and interact with all who watch your communication.

Can we run successful campaigns without money and using the Internet? We will see, won't we?  You Tube has millions of millions of viewers of their videos.  These videos are compelling in some way.  We will need to make our communications compelling as well so by grass roots, person to person, people will say "go to www.families.org and see who is running for Congress, President, etc."

In the 1700's statesman Edmund Burke shared " All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Do we do nothing or do we try? 

Stay tuned for future updates and share this website with others.