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Heaven is a free gift

Heaven is a free gift to you from God


Have you ever received a birthday gift?  Imagine this...

Happy birthday ____ !  Please accept this Rolex watch as my birthday gift to you.  And, in exchange for this gift, please be at my house tomorrow to clean my windows, do my wash, scrub my floors, and feed my dog.  Please repeat every day, forever. 

Happy birthday ________ ! 

No, that is NOT a birthday gift.  A gift is given with nothing expected in return. 

Heaven is given to you as a FREE gift, no strings attached.  You don't pay for it, you don't earn it by good works, you don't do anything for this gift of eternal life. 

Heaven was paid for you, it was earned for you, by the sole work of Jesus Christ on the cross.  He died and paid the price for heaven for you.  You should have died but he died, in your place! 

Heaven is a free gift to you from God.